Metrics 3 Staffing is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm focused on providing top talent in the IT and Finance industries. With affordable fees, an overwhelming candidate pool, and our combined experience and expertise, our team is able to provide innovative staffing solutions to meet your needs. We have a placement guarantee, and work hard to make sure turnover rate is low. Metrics 3 Staffing understands the value in employee retention and works to make sure every candidate placed is the right fit for your organization's needs.

Information Technology Recruiting

Many agencies recruit for positions in all industries, Metrics 3 Staffing only recruits in areas which we hold expertise. Our skilled recruiters come from the industry, and are able to understand the position and what goes into doing the job. Our IT Recruiting Division conducts technical interviews with all candidates to make sure they are the "best-fit" and to allow the client to focus on running their business.

Finance Recruiting

Our Finance Recruiting Division takes extra care in screening candidates. Having worked at some of the world's top banks and financial corporations, the recruiters have been through the toughest of interviews, and really know what it takes to make sure the candidate is a great fit.

Why choose Metrics3 Staffing:

  • A team which combines strategic staffing professionals and business-minded technology and financial experts - helping to ensure excellent candidates who truly possess the required business skillsets.
  • Metrics3 Staffing uses a large, extensive database full of highly qualified, well screened candidates as well as networking, referrals, sourcing and job postings to attract and recruit the highest quality candidate pool.
  • A partnership approach through which Metrics3 continually assesses your needs and makes it easy to convert to an outsourcing relationship when the economics are more favorable
  • Our recruiters are dedicated to staying current in the industry - whether through continuing education courses or simultaneously working with our consulting team - they know new technology and keep up with market trends. This allows our team to inform our clients of the latest ideas, and provide them candidates with up-to-date skills.

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